Tax Return Preparation: All Years, All States

If the word “Tax” is associated with a need or service in any way, the dual practice firm of Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C. does it.

We prepare any and all federal and state income tax returns, including:

In addition, we prepare gift and decedent's estates and inheritence returns.

Our firm prepares tax returns for all years in all states. We can assist you in the process of correcting your standing with both the IRS and state tax departments. Our team can help evaluate proposals for tax repayment, and also evaluate options for discharging tax debt in bankruptcy.

What tax compliance services does Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C. offer?

Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C. is equipped to handle just about any tax situation for which you are looking for solutions, including

If you are in a situation where you have an outstanding federal or state tax liability, there are many options to consider.

Managing the Collections Process

The collections process can be managed to secure a favorable outcome for your situation. Possible solutions include: arranging an installment agreement with the IRS and the state tax departments to pay off the liability or to stall collection efforts until the statutory time period for collections has expired, having the debt declared not collectible, or discharging the debt through bankruptcy. In certain circumstances, an offer in compromise will be accepted by the IRS and most states. Taxpayers should seek consultation with professionals to discuss the best options for their situation.

Our Team...

Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C. has fully qualified attorneys, enrolled agents, accountants, paralegals, and legal assistants on staff to analyze your particular tax and financial situation and to recommend and implement the best solution for your unique circumstances. Because we understand that your tax situation is individual and unique, before the solution of your situation is determined, we conduct a comprehensive financial analysis in which we obtain the full tax status and history of any problems for the IRS and states involved.

....Your interests

Our team first develops and fully discusses all practical solutions with you, and then we recommend the direction for proceeding that appears to best fit your circumstances. It is our policy to put decision making in your hands; we commit to fully informing you and then allowing you to ultimately decide which alternative to pursue. We also assist you in determining whether it will be you or our firm who will be the main force in implementing the solution.