IRS and State Tax Attorney

Wage Garnishment, Tax Audits, Appeals, Tax Court Representation, and Compliance Assistance

Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C. has fully qualified attorneys, enrolled agents, accountants, paralegals, and legal assistants on staff to represent you in federal and state tax audits, appeals, US Tax Court, and Virginia and North Carolina courts regarding tax controversies. This representation includes not only income tax matters, but also sales tax, payroll tax, and employment compensation tax issues. In addition to preparing or amending any prior federal and state returns, we can assist you in resolving tax debt problems.

Tax Offers in Compromise & Installment Payment Plans

Some with tax debt may qualify for certain plans designed for those with financial hardships. The IRS defines an "offer in compromise" as an option that "settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed." We can help you determine whether you qualify for an offer in compromise, installment payment plan, or other resolutions for tax debt.

Bankruptcy Discharge of Income Tax Debt

Certain tax income debt is able to be discharged through bankruptcy. Depending on the circumstances of other debt you may be facing, our attorneys, accountants, and enrolled agents can help you determine whether bankruptcy may be a suitable option for your tax debt.

Wage Garnishments and Levies

If you have received notice of a wage garnishment or bank account levy from the IRS or the state, our tax attorneys can work to prevent or release the garnishment. In the situation of a garnishment or levy, it is extremely important that an individual takes action quickly in order to avoid unnecessarily losing funds.

Tax Audits

Tax audits can be complicated and intimidating matters. We assist clients in gathering correct and necessary information to present to tax auditors in order to resolve tax examinations.

Tax Appeals

If you believe that the IRS has incorrectly assessed your tax responsibility, we are able to assist you in approaching the IRS to resolve these errors.

Tax Court

Attorneys at our firm are licensed and qualified to represent you or your business in the United States Tax Court, U.S. Federal Courts, Virginia State Court, and North Carolina State Court.

The power of "dual practice"

Our unique collaboration of the accounting and legal disciplines allows us to offer a broad range of expertise to our clients.

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