Contracts, Negotiations, and Litigation

We structure, draft, and negotiate business and financial agreements. And if disputes arise, we handle those, too.

Agreements are an essential element of owning or operating a business or professional practice. Whether it's an agreement between a business' owners, an agreement with its suppliers or customers, or a funding agreement with financial institions, it is essential that the agreements be detailed and memorialized in the form of written contracts. Our firm can assist in structuring the transaction, negotiating alternative provisions, and developing the terms and conditions that articulate the intentions of the parties.

Even with clearly stated contract terms, differences can result -- often because someone's priorities change, or the underlying intentions behind the agreement are misunderstood or forgotten. If disputes do arise, we represent our clients to resolve the dispute in three ways: in direct communication with the opposing parties (and their attorney), with a third-party mediator, or with a judge in court.