We are a dual-practice accounting and law firm.

Our unique blend of the accounting and legal disciplines allows us to offer a broad range of expertise to our clients.

The power of "dual practice"

Our firm consists of a team of qualified professionals and para-professionals, including attorneys, certified public accountants, IRS enrolled agents, paralegals, and staff accountants. Our wide range of experience with legal, business, financial, and accounting matters distinguishes our firm from other professional practices. Possessing the capabilities of both a law firm and an accounting firm enables us to examine your problem from multiple perspectives to find the right solution for you. We view ourselves not only as your accountants and attorneys, but also as your counselors and consultants. We strive to explore all your possible alternatives, to empower you to make the best decision for you or your business, and then to assist you in the implementation of those decisions.

Problem Solved!

When you choose Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, you choose a team of individuals who are dedicated to solutions. After meeting with you personally, members of our team meet to discuss the complexities and nuances of your particular issue. Your matter passes through a process of thorough review to ensure that it receives the utmost attention and diligence. We are committed to results and resolution, and are determined to see your matter through to its decisive conclusion.

Already have an accountant or attorney?

Our firm also represents clients who have working relationships with other professionals. It is not unusual for us to team up with other professionals that our clients have relationships with. We go out of our way not to interfere with your already-existing, effective relationships with other professionals. Instead, we supplement the services they provide to you in order to offer fresh alternatives and bring your problem to a resolution.

A Brief History

Harry Jernigan first started representing taxpayers with the IRS and other tax authorities in the state of Georgia back in 1966 as a Certified Public Accountant. After running an accounting firm in Georgia and serving many years as the President and CEO of a consumer wood products manufacturing and marketing company in Maine, Harry Jernigan created the accounting firm of Harry Jernigan CPA, P.C. in Virginia Beach in 1988. He opened the law firm of Harry W. Jernigan P.C. in 1990. The two firms were merged to form Harry Jernigan CPA Attorney, P.C. in 1994.

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